What is the GDPR?

The GDPR is a new comprehensive data protection law in the EU that updates existing laws to strengthen the protection of personal data. It replaces the patchwork of national data protection laws currently in place with a single set of rules, directly enforceable in each EU member state. It is effective from May 25, 2018. EU residents will now have greater say over what, how, why, where, and when their personal data is used, processed, or disposed. This rule clarifies how the EU personal data laws apply even beyond the borders of the EU. Any organization that works with EU residents' personal data in any manner, regardless of location, has obligations to protect the data. We fully understands this, so we collects as little personal data as possible and safeguard it as well as we can.

Who does the GDPR apply to?

The GDPR applies to all organizations operating in the EU or processing "personal data" of EU and Switzerland residents.

What data does the GDPR apply to?

Under the GDPR, the concept of "personal data" is very broad and covers any information relating to an identified or identifiable individual (also called a "data subject"). Personal Data is anything that you could conceivably use to identify a person within a larger group. That includes names, addresses, emails, IP addresses, cookies, locations etc.

What Personal Data do we collect, and why?
When you make a purchase (eg. Flume Pro)
  • We collect your full name and email address as entered in the checkout form in order to supply you with a Flume Pro licence in your details.
When you activate Flume Pro
  • We collect your Mac's serial number and name in order to manage and verify your licence is not abused and can only be activated to the maximum number of activations your licence permits, as well as provide you with the ability to manage and revoke your activations from our website.
Where is the Personal Data stored?

Our website and databases are stored in the USA via Dreamhost (Dreamhost Privacy Policy). We do not store any website logs.

  • We use Google Analytics and they set a few cookies on their own. While this service monitors your behavior, Google promises all data is anonymized.
You have the right to:
  • Access your data. You can contact us and ask for a copy of your personal data.
  • Delete your data ("The right to be forgotten"). You can contact us to remove all your data (including the removal and refund of any purchases).
Privacy Policy

Our general privacy policy can always be found at https://flume.app/privacy/


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